First 2 months in BCN

Time flies! I was very busy before coming to Barcelona rounding off everything at uni in the Netherlands including my practise as kitchen manager. I even slept for a few days on a matrass in an empty room because I already had to move out, so I was happy to move finally!

I arrived on Sunday evening where I met the landlord from my house. I was too late because my suitcase was late and I couldn’t find the entrance but in the end I managed and already met some of my flatmates who are all really nice.

View from uni

Monday I had to go to uni straight away to register and arrange classes. That was the plan but first I got stuck in the metro because I bought the wrong ticket.. All part of the process! On the picture you can see the view from the university. The UAB is located outside Barcelona in a very beautiful and green area. I take the train for about 30 minutes and I go through a beautiful scenery with mountains and forests.


Obviously we went to some parties – Best way to get to know people and culture. People (especially girls) dress up properly including dresses, heels and a lot of make-up. The parties are fun and people love to dance, especially reggeaton.

My trying to understand my prescription

In the second week I had an eye infection and I had to see a docter. I really did not want to go because it is always a project in Spain. I am sure I looked very weird when I arrived because I was soaking wet from the rain (probably the only day I have seen rain here) and obviously my eyes were swolen and red. As expected no one spoke any English so I was fortunate to be able to explain everything in Spanish but it is challenging because a doctor’s visit requires different vocab. In the end I ended up with a medicine prescription in Catalan. As you can see the instructions part is completely empty.. I went to the farmacy to pick up the medicine and they didn’t want to explain me anything!

I arranged my classes in a way I have 3 really full days of classes and Thursay and Friday off, what a life! Some of the classes are in Spanish which is tough as it is on topics such as political territories and geography but it is a good opportunity to learn. The first weeks I did a lot of cultural stuff such as la Padrera (Gaudi), Parc Guell  and just going around the city. I rent a bike and it was amazing!! I felt very Dutch but it is so easy by bike!


I also joined the Spanish gym which is quite interesting to be as a blonde in tight sport clothing between all these macho guys in the lifting area 😉 But it is also fun and enough help is offered.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-11 at 00.34.58

During my time here I had the next round for my internship in New York and I got hired! Unfortunately I will be leaving BCN a bit sooner and need to arrange my visa from here but I assume it will be worth it!

There are many nice people to meet and I am enjoying myself! I went to Morocco last week (I will write about it – so amazing!) and I am planning some other smaller trips in Spain because the country is so beautiful, not to mention the food 🙂


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