Morocco trip

What an amazing country! Friendly people, great culture and food. We went with a small (Spanish speaking) group and guide, consisting of Mexicans, Chileans, Argentinians, Spaniards, me as Dutchie and Frederique as Canadian, which was great for us to be speaking Spanish all the time. The accents really varied though and I am much more used to Spain-Spanish but I managed to understand everyone. Sometimes I didn’t and it resulted in funny situations.

We left on Wednesday morning for a 2,5 hour flight from Barcelona to Marrakech. We spent the entire day in Marrakech which was amazing! Its chaotic but I loved it. People on donkeys, horses, cars, scooters anywhere and so much noise.

Thursday morning we left the city on time with our bags and headed to Kasbah Ben El Hannou. We drove for a while with several stops at amazing places. Kasbah is a famous movie location where films like Prince of Persia, Games of Thrones and Gladiator have been filmed. During the trip we ate a lot of Tagine with chicken and lemon or beef and prunes. The food is very tasteful with a lot of spices.

We arrived in our very very traditional hotel just at the bottom of the Atlas Mountains. It was so cold!! We had some huge extra blankets.

When we arrived at the desert, we had to leave the bus and continue by jeep because we couldn’t get there. Then we changed to camels and walked for an hour further into the desert. We arrived the camp and watched the sunset in the desert. Although I have been in the desert in Egypt before, this was very different because the sand was orange and it all reminded me of Alladin.

We had dinner together in the big tent and we had a desert party with music, drinks and some food. A lot of tequila was offered the Mexicans but I managed to turn most of it down. We ended up all listening to Reggeaton and dancing in the middle of the desert!


Sleeping in the desert, what an amazing experience! It was a Berber tent and I think we actually slept on sand. During the night all the lights went out and it was completely dark. At some point at night I had to search the bathroom when everyone was asleep. It was completely dark and quiet but when I looking up I saw this AMAZING sky full of huge stars. I stood there for a while, so impressed with what I saw I didn’t even realize how cold I was!

Saturday we had a very intense drive of 10 hours all the way from the desert to Marrakech. It was very long but the amazing thing is we saw every type of landscape driving through the countries. We drove through nature and small villages which gave us a look at the local and traditional life, donkeys, children selling herbs, man drinking tea etc. People wanted to take a picture with my because of my blonde hair. We arrived back in Marrakech and had dinner. The main square of Marrakech on a saturday, what a chaos!! Frederique and me just couldn’t cross the street so we asked people to cross with us. They took our hands and there we went!


In the morning we did a tour with a Moroccan guide who could tell us a lot about the country and the culture and I could ask all my questions. We visited the main palaces and markets. What makes the city so beautiful are all the colors. Later, we bought some stuff after proper negotiation of my part. ‘Several questions like ‘what are you, a businesswomen?’  and they hoping to get American tourists after me because they would make much more money.


Monday we travelled back to Barcelona, which is still an amazing place to get back to after this trip. I could definitely recommend Marroco to anyone who loves great food and friendly people.



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