Final months in Barcelona; Marseille, Andorra and Tarragona

Trips to Marseille, Andorra, Tarragona, rounding off uni and internship preparations, time flies! I am back already but I really enjoyed my time in Barcelona.


I went by bus to Marseille for 2 nights. It took 6 hours with a stop in Montpellier. Beautiful city and great opportunity to practise my French and drink a lot of wine.

Balcony of Catalunya and Andorra
Me and my travelpartner in crime Frederique went on a day trip to Andorra. We did a stop at the Balcony of Catalunya, impressive nature! It felt good to breath in some fresh air as Barcelona is really polluted. We continued our trip to Andorra.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-10 at 10.53.51

Andorra is strange but interesting! It felt like a combination of Austria and Spain with the main language Catalan, Spanish food and a lot of advertising and shopping malls (the tax rate is lower).

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Finally, after living in Barcelona for the second time I visited the Sagrada familia. Although I have seen many churches this one is very impressive and different.

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WhatsApp Image 2017-06-10 at 10.58.23My mum and auntie visiting, lot of fun drinking a lot of wine and showing my place and favourite parts of the city. We consumed a huge amount of pan con tomate.

As like everyone in Barcelona, my phone and driving licence got stolen. I lost all my pictures. In the second week I lost my debit card and it took a month to get a new one. The final week we got cockroaches in our appartment. They are huge and red, I was so done I just didn’t enter the kitchen anymore. All part of the experience I guess?

What I love about Barcelona that you end up at random amazing things. I ended up at a concert under the ground, a rooftop party, a few street festivals and so on. I also met up a few times with Larissa, who I lived together with a few years back in Barcelona, and by chance we both lived there again. As she is a singer now I even went to her (Brazilian) concert!

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Random Catalan fiesta

I finished all the exams and suddenly it was already my final night in Barcelona. I went with my roommates and friends to a cool hidden bar in El Borne. As every night in Barcelona, we came back extremely late and needed to eat a lot of Spanish ham. I had to fly back home a few days earlier because of my American embassy appointment in Amsterdam. Sad to leave this city but as I already came back the second time I am sure I will be back.