New Orleans

I left New York for a few days to discover New Orleans, Lousiana. I wanted to see something completely different in the States and after some research I was sure this was the place I wanted to go.  I contacted my Canadian travel partner and ex-Barcelona roommate to see if she was up for a trip. New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz and the cocktail. Nowadays a lot of people go there to party, especially during Mardi Gras.

The trip started with my flight getting canceled in New York because of the snow storms so I left a day later. When I arrived at the airport I had Frederique waiting for me in the gate. We took an Uber to our Airbnb and the first thing I noticed was the amazing accent sounding like ‘ How y’all doin’. The Uberdriver told us to be careful in the city, something I heard before as there is quite a high crime rate. The weather was great and there were palmtrees everywhere so we were happy already.

We arrived at the Airbnb which was amazing! It was an old French House full of art with a small garden close to the city center. The house was owned by a cute lady with two dogs.

We headed to the city centre straight after as we were so curious. The walk there alreay was amazing with beautiful, colorful houses, palmtrees and flowers.

As New Orleans was founded by the French, there are a lot of French influences such as French street names everywhere and some French buildings. As I am learning French and  Frederique is from French Canada this was a funny detail for us we didn’t knew about.

By accident we ended up on Bourbon street, which is the party street of New Orleans with literally only bars open every moment of the week and there are party people every times of the week. We didn’t know about this (I guess we prepared pretty bad. jup.) so we were both shocked and amazed as this was the complete opposite of the pretty streets we just discovered.

After a glass of wine and a burger, we roamed around the streetwatching all the completely drunk people we ran into an outdoor jazz performance at Cafe Beignet. We were basically listening with open mouth as it was an amazing performance and we were just sitting there outside with a glass of wine listening.

The next we went to discover more of the centre. There is literally music everywhere and so much talent. There are complete 7 man bands on the street at 12am.

Voodoo museum which was both weird and interesting. There is lot of voodoo beliefs still, ecending from spiritual folk traditions from Afro-American religions.

The following they we last to explore some other parts of the city. We went to a pretty upscale part of the city with boutiques and vintage shops.


While we were in an modern art centre, I found out my flight for the next day got cancelled too, again because of storm. Usually they put you automaticcally on a new flight a day later but they didn’t so I got a little nervous. I called the airline to get me on another flight a day later so I needed to find a place to stay. Frederiques flight was fine as it went over the other side of America. I got a new Airbnb somewhere in the suburbs and we were good to go.


At night we wanted to eat the typical dish jamboree’. For me as health freak at some point my stomach started to hurt as there is only greasy food and not a lot of fresh products. Still we wanted to eat the typical dish which is meat mostly.

At night we went to an amazing place which is pretty remote from the city but so worth it called Bacchanal Wine. If you are planning to visit New Orleans you should absolutely go here as we loved it. It’s basically a wine bar in a backyard with live music. When you enter it looks like your in a wine shop. You pick your wine, you pick your cheeses which they will plate nicely with olives etc. and you head to the backyard where everyone is drinking wine and listening to jazz.

Jazz for lunch

The next day Frederique was leaving already so we went for breakfast and to eat beignets, the famous food from New Orleans. So sad to leave her but I’m sure we will see eachother again at a new destination. I went to my new Airbnb, in the suburbs, not even in New Orleans anymore but called Metairie, I thought it was so American, with big cars and showing who they are voting for. I stayed with a guy and his three dogs who was really nice and had some other travellers staying in his house.

The next day it was already time to go back to New York, I would have loved to stay longer not only because of the weather but the city is a bit like the Carribean in America, with a lot of fun an great people. I have never been in a place like this before but I completely understand people are so fond of  New Orleans.